We developed a global communications strategy for the world’s largest nonprofit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

We developed a carrying capacity calculator for predicting global food shortages for the coming 9 billion humans on the planet

We directed and curate the largest exhibit at the International Baseball Hall of Fame

We conduct efficiency studies for nut shell energy pellets in Ghana

We produce films in Sudan and Rwanda on new ways to deliver healthcare

We create real world simulations so product developers can test ideas more quickly and fail early

We educate doctors on empathy and the importance of connecting with patients emotionally

We develop proactive bioremediation strategies for the Clean Water Solutions Organization

We help nonprofits develop boards that can better serve their mission and provide the financial support needed

We developed an educational touring exhibition for Good Housekeeping, one of the oldest US publications

We facilitate educational programs in Northern Ghana

We mine big data for insights across seemingly unrelated industries and visualize the findings

We developed a visual dashboard for electronic medical records, easing navigation and accuracy for doctors and patients

We have helped automakers better understand the diverse needs of their maternal, elderly, and disabled customer bases

We increase the efficiency and lower the cost of transitioning healthcare facilities to electronic medical records

We work with healthcare facilities, NGOs, pharmaceutical organizations, medical manufacturers to develop better systems and best practices

We developed a voting rights campaign for the Drum Major Institute

We help CEO's manage risk by understanding what is actually important vs what fear dictates

We provide wave energy research services in South East Asia

We developed a prospectus for educational innovation community center in New York City

We coach Executive Directors on development strategies, mission pivots and outreach

Did you know Human Condition is a City of New York certified Biotech company?

We layout strategic, technical, and talent roadmaps for merging organizations

We developed an educational program on the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution with Danny Glover for the NAACP

We help CEO's walk in the shoes of their customers, empathizing with their real needs and finding new opportunities

We develop sustainable energy and construction strategies for Guam

We conduct cultural and environmental impact studies for Guam

We develop succession plans for organizations that are nearing acquisition or transition

We develop strategic planning for Energy System's hybrid streetlights

We develop sustainable triple bottom line strategies for corporations

We create groundbreaking biologically enabled simulators that allow doctors to actually feel the diseases of their patients

We developed an immersive experience to educate consumers on global agricultural issues and food security

We simulate multiple sclerosis so doctors and family members of patients can better understand the disease

We unify and protect the brand identity of the International Tennis Hall of Fame

We protect and license the intellectual property rights of the estate of artists such as Cézanne

We designed the live broadcast strategy for an international formula auto racing series

We design global training programs for the fiber-optic and communications industry

We curate usability and stakeholder insight for the City of New York's Taxi system

We developed environmental impact statement for Smuggler Mountain, Aspen Colorado

We develop pilots for pharmaceutical companies for patient outreach and community support

We work with government leaders in central Africa to develop actionable strategies for foreign NGOs

We conduct biofuel feasibility studies in Ghana

We prepare urban rain harvesting studies for development projects in New York City

We designed world's first fully immersive NYHA Class 2 heart failure simulator for clinical and empathic training

We developed a way to deliver low cost walkup healthcare in drugstores and supermarkets throughout the US

We develop accredited medical education programs for clinicians to stay licensed

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What We Do

We are an innovation think and do tank that executes with rigor, expertise, and incredible speed. We work with progressive organizations to solve problems at a global scale with a social conscience.
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The human race is growing at an amazing pace.
This causes many challenging problems the world has not yet seen.
We aim to understand and solve those problems at a faster pace.

We are future focused, we engage in interdisciplinary and systems thinking to advise private and public organizations on such matters as diverse global trends, social needs, plausible scenarios, emerging market opportunities and risk management.

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